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Hello and welcolme to this BotEngage Review and Demo.

The Future Of Marketing Is Here…
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You Will Be Able To
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Inpage Bots, Chatbots, Modal Bots, Video Bots And More…

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Here’s All The Awesome Bots Explained:

What makes InpageBots so powerful?

Inpage Bots are like secret ninja on your page. Just waiting to grab new leads as faster than a crouching tiger! Inpage bots blend in as a natural part of your website content and efficiently convert visitors into leads as they fit seamlessly into the content flow and don’t interrupt or annoy the user. Inpage Bots ask your visitors the right questions at exactly the right time to convert them – every time.

What makes ChatBots so powerful?

Just like a chat with your favourite buddy, chatbots are fast, easy and fun! Attention spans of our prospects are shorter than ever and chatbots are the perfect buddy your prospect needs to meet their needs, and convert them quickly. Chatbots engage even the busiest and most impatient of prospects, giving them the answers they need FAST and stopping them drifting away without giving you a sale.

What makes ModalBots so powerful?

Humans LOVE interactivity. We can’t resist it. And with modalbots, visits can’t help but engage with what you have to offer. They take your prospects from passive to active – without them even realizing its happening to them. It’s a bit like being hypnotized. They can’t help but become more actively involved with your content and take action – and half the time they won’t even realize why…It was modalbot all along. Boost your interactivity with modalbots and your conversions boost automatically.

Why is VideoBot so powerful?

We all know video is one of the most engagement-boosting mediums online. Capture those visually stimulated visitors with videobots. Botengage empowers you to build choice-based interactive video experiences in just minutes with our simple drag-and-drop tool. Connect your videos, link out to additional content, add call-to-actions, captions, and so much more — all without having to write a single row of code!

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And It Literally Couldn’t Be Easier To Use…

SET – Name Your Bots and Choose Your Avatar

PERFECT: Choose Your Background And Customize Your Appearance With Just a Point and Click

BUILD: Your Engagement-Boosting Automated Interactions With Drag n’ Drop Ease

SHARE: To The Masses With Just One Click. Via Social. On Your Sites. Or Via Email

FORGET: Sit Back And Allow Your Engagement-Boosting Bots To Bring You In More Sales, More Conversions, More Profits. All Completely On Autopilot.

Pricing +OTO’s

Fe Botengage Pro
Personal use $47 30 Campaign per month/Commercial use $67 Unlimited campaign per month

Oto1 Botengage Premium
Monthly plan – $47/One Time – $97

Oto2 Botengage Agency
One time $67

Oto3 Botengage Whitelabel
100 licenses $97/500 licenses $197/Unlimited licenses $297

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